Post Op Instructions for Elbow Surgery


  1. Wool & Bandage dressing to be changed to doubled elastic dressing prior to discharge. This to be kept dry for 5 days. On 5th day the elastic bandage to be removed, then patient can have shower, getting white dressing wet. On exiting shower, the white dressing to be removed, the elbow and underlying dressings/ wound to be dabbed dry and the elastic bandage to be reapplied. (If the elastic bandage is too uncomfortable or causing more discomfort than when left off, then it can be left off).  Each day after the 5th day, the patient may continue to have a quick shower, and following the regime above. Sutures, these should be removed by myself at 10-14 days.  Do not soak in pool, sea or bath until I have reviewed patient.
  2. Patient to be encouraged to regain full range of motion over first 2 weeks, bending and straightening elbow, rolling wrist over with hand up then hand down while elbow is tucked by side and is bent to 90 degrees.
  3. On discharge, you should have been given an appointment for follow-up for approximately 12-14 days after surgery. If you have not received an appointment please call Debbie on 83769988 to arrange one.
  4. Physiotherapist to see patient prior to discharge, but none otherwise required until after I have seen patient at follow-up.
  5. Usually pain improves on a daily basis, but patient to rest at home and slowly do more each day. If however pain suddenly increases, elbow swells or redness or fluid discharges, please contact me ASAP- 8376 9988 or after hours pager available on 8378 2179.

Gavin Nimon

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